Summer Report: S.P.A.R at ‘The Blue’ Bermondsey Market, Southwark Park Road, London SE16 – 30th July 2016

Summer Report: S.P.A.R at ‘The Blue’ Bermondsey Market,
Southwark Park Road, London SE16 – 30th July 2016

On Saturday 30th July between 12noon & 4pm Brian Guest
set-up this stall at ‘The Blue’ to talk all things S.P.A.R
with visitors to this popular Bermondsey market

This gentleman was in praise of construction methods in the UK
how some buildings have lasted for over four hundred years
Much of the rubble recently created is of a more recent vintage
as residential blocks from the 1950’s and 60’s are being demolished

At times the numbers swelled as tales of rubble were swapped at ‘The Blue’

Brian Guest invited people to touch the rubble, several obliged

Many new members signed up at ‘The Blue’, this fellow was from
Southwark Council, will they listen to our rubble preservation call?

This gentleman presides over the (unofficial) Canada Water Museum of Rubble

His collection is largely taken from the redevelopment of Rotherhithe in the
late 1980’s, but ‘redevelopment’ is again being mooted
Below: Shock for Rotherhithe Residents as 2Billion Canada Water Plan is Unveiled

During the afternoon these young S.P.A.R members drew their favourite rubble

Brian Guest with fellow rubble enthusiast Frog Morris
He invited the Society to the ‘The Blue’ so thank you Frog

Also thank you to all the Market Traders at ‘The Blue’

See the film taken of S.P.A.R at ‘The Blue’ Bermondsey
Vimeo link to the film of S.P.A.R at ‘The Blue’

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