Latest Reports June-Nov 2017 : Death of a Fire Station / Toynbee Rubble / Hackney Wick Dreams / Ramsgate / Members Photos : London – Colchester – Porto – Murano

Latest Reports June-Nov 2017 : Death of a Fire Station / Toynbee Rubble
Hackney Wick Dreams / Ramsgate
Members Photos : London – Colchester – Porto – Murano

Death of a Fire Station (Kingsland Road)

10 Kingsland Fire Aug 17Kingsland Road Fire Station, Hackney was closed in 2014 by then mayor
Boris Johnson – S.P.A.R was there in August 2017 as demolition began
The site had been bought for 16 million pounds from the
Fire service by Benyon Estates and the Education Funding Agency (EFA), a government body

11 Kingsland Fire Aug 17S.P.A.R found a growing pile of rubble rising above the hoardings, in current
mayor Sadiq Khan’s Housing Policy, 50% of new developments should be marked
as ‘affordable’ which can include Shared Ownership,
Living Wage and Social Housing

12 Kingsland Fire Sept 17 2
By September there was this beautifully balanced collection of stones,
planning was previously rejected by Khan for lack of affordable housing,
this time  his office had no objections – Benyon Estates and the EFA are building
a new free school with at least 68 flats –  It has been reported contrary to
Khan’s policy that only 8% of these homes are to be affordable
and those may not even be on-site!
External Site:

13 Kingsland Fire Sept 3
S.P.A.R wants this beautfully balanced rubble to remain in the new development

14 Kingsland Fire Nov 1
When the Society visited Kingsland Road at the end of October, just this
single rubble pile remained

15 Kingsland Fire Nov 1 - 2
It’s magnificence diminished, by November, even this rubble was gone,
the site being rapidly prepared for Hackney New Primary School

Toynbee Rubble, Whitechapel (July 17)

02 Toynbee 01-07 1
The site of Toynbee Hall, an anti-poverty charity on Commercial
Street in Whitechapel is largely in a state of post-rubble

03 Toynbee 01-07 3
On Wentworth Street this facade is all that remains of the original building
Toynbee Hall opened in 1884 to relieve poverty in East London, after bombing
in WW2,  it was rebuilt and reopened in 1967, it was later named Profumo House
after disgraced minister of war John Profumo
who worked there for over forty years

04 Toynbee 01-07 3
The regeneration is to be a mixed-development with an open public square,
S.P.A.R members should this link to see if further demolition is planned – External Link:

Hackney Wick Dreams

06 S Hackney Wick 28-10-17 2
Hackney Wick has been a haven for Rubble especially since the 2012 Olympics
it is evident on Bream/Dream Street in Fish Island

08 S Hackney Wick 28-10-17
These mountains of stones bring-up that long-standing debate amongst members,
if rubble is created from road surfaces and not building demolition
can it be truly admirable

07 S Hackney Wick 28-10-17London Quadrant Housing Trust (L&Q) own the land beside the Foreman & Sons Fish Restaurant – This site had been used for the Hackney Wick Festival and DEN-CITY, but it is to become ‘Bream Street Wharf’ with the building of  170 Canalside Apartments,
L&Q say it will be a mixture of private and shared ownership,
what percentage is likely to be truly affordable?

09 S Hackney Wick 28-10-17
The majestic contours of this rubble should be retained in the Bream Street
Wharf development

Ramsgate – Rubble in action

16 Kingsland Fire Nov 1 - 2
  This action shot was taken during a demolition of advertising hoardings
revealing twisted metal and wood, taken in
Ramsgate by  S.P.A.R general secretary Brain Guest

18 Ramsgate 03 19 Sept
The Asda Carpark in Ramsgate on the corner of Chatham Road and
Boundary Road provides a good viewing platform for these layers of earth and stone

Member Photos

London: Upper Clapton (June 17)

20 David C West Lea River Upper Clapton June 2017Mr D. West of Hackney sent this wonderful conglomeration of concrete and brick
found close to the River Lea navigation in Upper Clapton, London

Colchester (July 17)

01 Colchester 14-07-17On the train leaving Colchester Station, you can see this vast field of rubble,
this is where to find the best of Essex aggregate,
although that is for S.P.A.A (Society for the Preservation of Admirable Aggregate)
to judge not S.P.A.R

Porto Rubble (September 17)

19 Porto Sept 17 02S.P.A.R has been told much demolition is to be found in the centre of Porto, Portugal
These office workers have an excellent elevated view, although most of the
ground rubble had been removed

  Murano Rubble (November 17)

Long-time S.P.A.R member L. Scully encountered a mysterious rubble stack, guarded by an accordion player
This was on the island of Murano, near Venice, Italy, surely a work of art worthy of the Venice Biennale

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