Report on S.P.A.R Walkabout Annual General Meeting Thamesmead Saturday 19 October 3pm

Report on S.P.A.R Walkabout Annual General Meeting Thamesmead
Saturday 19 October 3pm

SPAR Walkabout AGM Thamesmead Invite Word

01Word05SparThe walkabout Annual General Meeting in Thamesmead had new members
joining at the Lakeside Centre which has variously been a nightclub,
a sailing club, and a restaurant but is now an arts centre
managed by Bow Arts, nearby has long been a centre for rubble

02Word05SparThe walk started just after 3pm and returned to the Lakeside Centre 4.30pm
All walk photos are taken by Liam Scully

03Word08SparThere were 12-15 members joining Brian Guest on the tour
starting at Binsey Walk by Southmere Lake

04Word09SparThis ridge overlooking Binsey Walk is the ideal place to view rubble
but would there be any left on the day?

06Word13SparSee the last report for the images of the demolition of Binsey Walk in September
now there are only a few rubble piles left but still with some variety

05Word10SparGeneral Secretary Brian Guest pointed out where the flats of Binsey Walk
had been until only two weeks ago

07Word16SparS.P.A.R understands that there are always new angles to view rubble
here along Harrow Manorway you can get close to Binsey Walk

08Word20SparThe walk took people along Harrow Manorway and Yarnton Way to see the
original 1968 South Thamesmead development scheduled for
demolition in the next few years, here across Southmere Lake
has alternative views of the rapidly diminishing rubble

09Word25SparAt the end of the walk by Southmere Square members could take away
images from S.P.A.R’s rubble reports in Thamesmead

10Word01SparS.P.A.R Walkabout AGM Thamesmead was in association
with Thamesmead Texas and Art Licks Weekend (17-20 October 2019)

Art Licks SPAR Invite Word
For rubble enthusiasts S.P.A.R recommends this exhibition
by James Lander / Stephane Chadwick
An independent study 2019 : the Future of artists and architecture
also at Thamesmead Texas, Lakeside Centre Thamesmead
every Saturday 12-6pm until 30 November

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