What is Admirable Rubble? Examples in August 2014

SPAR - Off Kingsland RoadOne wall, fallen down, does not rubble make. However can we make a case for the photo above being rubble?
According to the Oxford English Dictionary Rubble is :

Waste or rough fragments of stone, brick, concrete, etc., especially as the debris from the demolition of buildings 

The Society’s definition of Admirable Rubble can be ventured as thus:

Rubble that embodies all the qualities of the demolished building so meriting a portion being retained as a reminder of its existence even after a new building is in its place

By showing some example of Admirable Rubble taken in August 2014 we hope to remind you that the state between what was and what is to come is rubble.
Brian Guest (S.P.A.R Founder and Secretary)

SPAR - Off Kingsland RoadA surprising find off Kingsland Road

SPAR - Off Kingsland Road
Admirable Rubble, but for how long?

SPAR - Off Kingsland Road (Detail)After this surprisingly vertiginous rubble we walked to a large
site in central London and saw a wondrous variety

SPAR - Near Temple WC1
SPAR - Near Temple WC1
Developers! Whatever you are to build here keep at least some of this rubble intact

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