A Study in Rubble Creation: Findings in September (1)

06Rubble030914A Study in Rubble Creation: Findings in September (1)

Rubble is created by the destruction of buildings
and on 3rd September a study was carried out by S.P.A.R
on ‘The Haggerston Estate’ in the process of demolition

London County Council (LCC) buildings
off Kingsland Road, Haggerston, London

The Digger breaks down the building with precision
so that the rubble created is not too large or too small

Two profiles of a LCC Building soon to be rubble

The Digger created a wondrous diagonal pattern
Two ladies who were previously tenants on the estate spoke to S.P.A.R
reminiscing – “It is sad to see them pulled down, though they had their problems”

Returning on 8th September – The quantity of the rubble had increased greatly
At least some here should be preserved to pile-up in the
entrance lobby of the new development, ‘City Mills’

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