Admirable Rubble Inside & Out: Stratford / Bow September (2)

Admirable Rubble Inside & Out: Stratford / Bow September (2)

This report concerns types of rubble and whether rubble can only really be found outside

Stratford, 7 September 2014 Capital Tower: In Stratford the rubble is hidden behind colourful hordings

Stratford, 7 September 2014Is this mass of metal also rubble?
Rubble does not need to be just bricks and mortar

Stratford, 7 September 2014This tangle should at least have a home in
‘Capital Towers’, S.P.A.R can make that happen

Stratford, 7 September 2014
At Stratford Riverside nearby there was magnificent rubble

Stratford, 7 September 2014Brick, concrete, iron, steel under the bright blue sky

Bow (A12), 7 September 2014
This building is still standing yet there is much rubble inside

Bow (A12), 7 September 2014There is controversy as to whether rubble inside is truly admirable
but who can dispute this

Bow (A12), 7 September 2014This is minor rubble, but rubble never-the-less

Balfron Tower, 7 September 2014We continued onto Balfron Tower, Erno Goldfinger’s 1967
building. Soon the inside will be rubble when it gets
‘renovated’ for private apartments

Poplar, 7 September 2014
Close to Balfron Tower there was a fine example of SCALE in rubble
Note the large slabs to the left, the broken concrete below
and smaller red bricks strewn at ground-level