S.P.A.R November Report – Dalston: A Portrait of Destruction

S.P.A.R – November Report – Dalston: A Portrait of Destruction

SPAR Dalston The Society has noted the increase of rubble in
Dalston, North-East London
This great profusion and variety of rubble was found
on 13 November 2014

DalstonSPA02By 18 November the rubble had grown substantially
For many years these premises were small businesses
and artist studios before their short-notice eviction

DalstonSPA03The Society would like these bricks to be retained
and a pile (size to be determined)  to be kept in the new building

DalstonSPA04Many bricks looked quite unharmed by the demolition

DalstonSPA05Crushed and twisted metal
The developers hoardings are not yet up
Is this to be retained in the new building?


S.P.A.R will continue to report on demolition sites across the UK
Members and Non-members can send photos of admirable rubble to:
preserveadmirablerubble (@) gmail.com

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