S.P.A.R Report December 14 / January 15 – Dalston Ruins Continued

S.P.A.R Report December 14 / January 15 – Dalston Ruins Continued Dalston10The Society has been documenting the demolition of these former studios in Dalston

Dalston09On 5th  December demolition intensified and a variety of rubble was revealed

Dalston08The Society ask please retain this tangle in the new development

Dalston07There was a proliferation of London bricks to the rear of the site

Dalston06By 12th December the rear buildings had been demolished
and only one building remained

Dalston04It was months before the demolition started, the Society noted a profusion of graffiti

Dalston03Only a shell remained of the building nearest Dalston Lane

Dalston02By 16 December the digger was busy destroying the final building

Dalston01By 16 December the buildings were in their last days

Dalston11-050115The Society visited on 5th January 2015 and all buildings were demolished, the next
stage is to find the developers and keep this rubble for the foyer of new building

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