S.P.A.R on Resonance FM & London Bridge Rubble Report (March 15)

S.P.A.R on Resonance FM & London Bridge Rubble Report (March 15)

SPARresonancefmFrom left to right: The News Agents – Matteo Besana, Andrew Cooper, Brian Guest, Alice Walton

On Saturday 28th February Brian Guest from S.P.A.R was invited by Matteo Basana to
Resonance 104.4 fm’s The News Agents to talk about the
Society’s aim to preserve the rubble of the UK in the foyer of new developments
The News Agents is curated by Jude Cowan Montague, and this programme was
guest curated by Matteo Besana. Listen to the full programme on Mixcloud:

borough1S.P.A.R found a trajectory of rubble from
London Bridge station to Borough
This ‘development’ is close to Borough Station

borough2The Society could not see any rubble
as it was enclosed and alarmed

borough3However, close to the Resonance FM studio was a large
demolition site with plenty of exposed rubble

borough4A plethora of bricks, the red and yellow variety,
with broken concrete and stone abound

borough5You could almost reach these bricks
Will this brick stack stay remain in the new development?

borough6King’s College London are the clients for
127 -143 Borough High Street, Guy’s Hospital is very nearby.
8 retail units and a 100 room hotel are being planned
S.P.A.R could not find any housing provision

borough7It is a great shame to lose all this rubble,
perhaps some could be moved into the
foyer of the Shard?

borough8Gates blocked the site, walk down Borough High Street
you will soon reach Elephant & Castle and
the Aylesbury Estate, Andrew Cooper talked about the
Fight for the Aylesbury Estate on The News Agents

borough9One of our new members added this sticker, denoting it
as a S.P.A.R site of designated interest

borough10Crossing London Bridge and into the City this development
near Monument Station used to be a 1970’s office block
borough11This building at the north end of London Bridge,
will likely be replaced by another
office block – S.P.A.R’s principles remain,
keep a pile of this rubble in the new building

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