S.P.A.R Report: Behind the Red Fence plus Members Photo (April 15)

S.P.A.R Report: Behind the Red Fence plus Members Photo (April 15)Preserve Admirable Rubble April 2015 These barriers have long been on Kingsland Road, E8
It is hard to recall when there was last a building here
It has recently been used for private car parking

The Society was greatly surprised by the profusion
and variety of rubble found behind the red fence

Bricks and stones of many sizes, an extensive paved area
was being dug-up, perhaps prior to foundation work

Beside the bricks was an almost equally large
configuration of concrete and metal

Kings05There is no entering this site, and not uncommonly
there is no indication of what is to come.
Planning permission had previously been refused on this site

Kings06These three rubble mountains were very distinctive
a few elements of each should be preserved in any new development

Kings07Members of the Society are always ready to document
new rubble configurations, there is so much rubble
to be found in London, and it is spreading

The red fence from the Southern end,
it is not far from the demolished Haggerston Estate
S.P.A.R are opposed to unnecessary fencing
such as at the Aylesbury Estate in South London:

Members Photo April : Deptford

SPARChildersByJPLFascinating elevated photo from JPL in Deptford
Demolition of the SR Building in Childers Street, SE8
They have kept the frontage, will this be entirely
‘luxury apartments’? It seems likely as it is
an Aitch Group / Mura Estates development

Remember: Preserve Admirable Rubble

Members and Non-Members send your photos to
preserveadmirablerubble (@) gmail.com

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