DEN-CITY 1 & May / June Report: Dalston Rubble Updates

S.P.A.R – Society for the Preservation of Admirable Rubble
DEN-CITY 1 Meeting
Saturday 27th June from 2pm until 9pm DEN-City 1 InviteBrian Guest 1

The Society for the Preservation of Admirable Rubble’s
DEN-CITY 1 meeting will convene on Saturday 27th June from 2pm until 9pm.
DEN-CITY 1: Forman’s Fish Island Riviera, H. Forman & Son,
Stour Road, London E3 2NT

It will be an opportunity to meet Brian Guest (above) to discuss the rubble
being created in Hackney Wick and elsewhere in London. He will highlight
the campaign to have any rubble created by demolishing homes and businesses
installed in the foyer or other communal areas of replacement developments.

DEN-CITY 1: Friday June 26th, 6-9pm/ Saturday June 27th , 2-9pm/ Sunday June 29th, 1-4pm
A temporary utopian city of installations, dens and assemblages. Colourfully, re-purposing,
and recycling on the theme ‘Work in Progress’ . DEN- City will be mushrooming on a
prime piece  of land by the Olympic site. Forget Glastonbury, this is a free space,
an art city  and the only place to be in response to the London Festival of Architecture.

Featuring talks, workshops, graffiti art-off, stand up comedy, poetry,
performance special opening night and many other surprises..
.London Festival of Architecture:
Facebook Invite:

S.P.A.R look forward to seeing you at DEN-CITY 1 in Hackney Wick
Thank you to the tireless Rebecca Feiner for the opportunity

May / June Report: Dalston Rubble Updates

The sun is setting over Dalston, with the ongoing demolition of the
old ‘Peacocks’ Department store on Kingsland High Street
The new development will feature 83 private apartments
with apparently 15 ‘affordable’ flats/shops.

Developers Taylor Wimpy are demolishing all of the
building before turning the site into ‘FiftySevenEast’
It is a closed site and the Society was lucky to
catch a glimpse of rubble creation taking place.

S.P.A.R have little time left to save this rubble, there is a great
variety here, if not in colour certainly in shape and volume.
The new development is due to finish in 2017 and a
1 bedroom flat will start at nearly half a million (£470,000)!

Red fencing has long adorned this site on Kingsland Road,
as detailed in April’s report. It has recently received a
white fence replacement, revealing behind a single
mound of rubble, could this be a sign of further development?

The Society is investigating the plans for this site.
This neatly stacked pile of concrete and brick would
be wonderful adorning the foyer of the new building/s.

As detailed in our November 14 report, these local businesses
and artist studios in Dalston were torn down with little notice.
Still no aspirational billboards here and ongoing construction
has been slow. The Society are still trying to find out who will
eventually be taking delivery of the admirable rubble.

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preserveadmirablerubble @ and you
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