S.P.A.R at DEN-CITY 1 on 27th June Report

S.P.A.R at DEN-CITY 1 on 27th June Report

SparDen01Den-City 1 curator Rebecca Feiner invited S.P.A.R to set-up on
Saturday 27th June from 2-8pm to discuss the campaign

SparDen02Brian Guest discussing the increasing rubble creation and how the Society
would like rubble from the previous life of a site to remain in any new development

IMG_1855A colourful example of admirable rubble by new member Alina G

SparDen04By the end of the session there were numerous drawings of admirable rubble

IMG_1719There were many alternative artist structures at Den-City 1
and rumours of rubble found behind the artificial beach

Films of S.P.A.R at Den-City 1


Sara Penrhyn Jones – Film of Den-City 1 featuring S.P.A.R


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