S.P.A.R Annual General Meeting at Thamesmead Texas

S.P.A.R AGM at Thamesmead Texas Report – 23 September 2018

ThamesmeadTexas1S.P.A.R General Secretary Brian Guest and members met at Thamesmead Texas
in South Thamesmead

There was much discussion on the definition of admirable rubble

S.P.A.R would like to thank Thamesmead Texas for hosting
there will be further meetings in South Thamesmead during 2019

There were reference books to consider the types
of rubble on display

ThamesmeadTexas4Members could draw rubble they had recently encountered
there was also a questionnaire for the AGM

ThamesmeadTexas5bThamesmead Texas’s canine (Prince Power) is here attempting to identify which
rubble was found in Thamesmead

Further Rubble in South Thamesmead

ThamesmeadTexas6The largest rubble mountains are found in South Thamesmead
where there was once Newacres Library

ThamesmeadTexas8It is possible to get quite close to rubble in Thamesmead

ThamesmeadTexas7This rubble will be steadily reducing as the site is developed into ‘Southmere Village’

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